Project Description

We have a PCB assembly project which is from our Australian customer. It is a FR4, 2 layer PCBA with ENIG, green solder mask, 1oz, 1.6mm thickness with Class2. This printed circuit board is a little special, because it has 8 kinds of ICs, and the smallest hole in the board is 0.3mm, minimum line distance is 0.2mm.

Because this PCBA is used for the embedded system, so customer need to ensure its high quality. Customer asked that the surface of the 2layer PCB board must be ENIG, can’t be normal lead free HASL. Because the circuit board have more than 40 kinds of components, ENIG is better than HASL for assembly. Customer sent us the original .pcb gerber file, we transfered format to .cam file. And then open the gerber file with CAM 350.

We made a 4 in 1 panel, which can help to assemble the panel board with our machine, it can improve efficiency and reduce production time. For small sample order, for pcb testing, we usually test with flying probe test. And PCBA part, we have IQC test with our workers and AOI machine.pcb components

The components are very difficult to buy because here is a IC that needs to be customized. We contacted the original manufacturer, which delivery is 4-5weeks. That’s too long for us. So we discuss with customers, if we can replaced this components with same specification. We find the specification from our local supplier and sent it to our customer to confirm. And after he agreed we replaced the IC with high quality, cheaper price and faster delivery.

After solved the components’ problem, assembly is also a big problem. There are more than 8 kinds of IC need to assembly in 1 line. The IC is 0201. This is really small components , and also need to assembly very carefully. We have 2 PCBA assembly factory, small one is for sample order, which mainly assemble by hands. The big one is for mass production order, there are more than 3 production lines, and also has wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, testing machines and glue spraying machines. For the 0201 components, we have to change the order to our big assembly factory to confirm the quality. After assembled it, We use X-ray machine to test the function.When all the processes are finished, we made test with AOI machine. And the PCBA factory workers will do double check before package.package with Partition

About the package, we have made various sizes of boxes. The box has our company’s logo. We made a baffle in the box. The baffle can protect the board from damage during delivery. At the same time, we also carefully pack each PCB board. We hope our customers will receive our PCB board well, they can feel the seriousness of our production. We also hope to prevent the damage to the boards in transit. We won customers’ trust with quality and sincerity when they received the PCBA products.

We achieve win-win results with the customers, if you have related projects, contact us and our professional tech, sales team will help you solve the problem and finish your project successfully.