When you specify the annual plan and want to put your PCBA into production, the first thing to do is to test your design and whether it functions as you originally wanted.This is the necessity of making prototype samples.You need to check the functions, tests, IC program or not, dimensions, housing installation, etc. of the PCBA one by one. Ensure that the samples in your hands are the perfect just same as the mass-produced products you want.

There are many advantages to doing prototype samples. No matter how beautiful and perfect the design is, when it is put into practice for the first time, some small problems or flaws will be found.Sometimes you may think that the sample is a delay, but correcting all errors and improving the information before mass production is very beneficial to the development of future projects.

Before contacting the factory, first collate all the information about the project. gerber, BOM, pick&place file, drawings, whether the components can be replaced, whether the IC needs to be programmed, whether the factory needs to do function testing, housing design files, installation instructions, etc. Fully prepare these materials to be sent to the factory and maintain communication. This is more foolproof.

First of all

The gerber file is a file related to the production of circuit boards. The designer will use the design software to design the PCB circuit, and then produce a gerber file. The PCB factory is based on gerber to complete the production. By checking the gerber file, the factory can know the number of layers of the PCB, the number of holes, the size, whether there are blind and buried holes, track width and track spacing, etc. These will affect the production process and price of PCB. In addition, you have to inform the factory, the thickness of the PCB, surface finishing (HASL,ENIG and so on), solder mask color and silk print color,cooper thickness and so on. In this way, the PCB you want can be made correctly.In short, gerber is used to make PCB boards. This is the basis of PCBA. Any circuit error will cause the function to be impossible to achieve. So before production, be sure to confirm the gerber file.

Second point

The second necessary document is the BOM. It must include board usage, parameters, packaging, brand and model. In fact, the model can accurately search for the parameters, packaging and other information of the modified component. Therefore, it is best to have a model number in the BOM. And inform the factory that when purchasing components, the same parameters can be substituted, or they must be consistent with the BOM. Because your products are different and the accuracy is different, the requirements are different. For high-precision products, many components are fixed brands and models and cannot be replaced. On the contrary, most of the PCBAs, as long as the above components have the same function and package, they can be replaced, which also saves costs for customers.

Third point

The third file is the pick&place file. It means to indicate the coordinate position of each component in the BOM on the PCB board. This is used by engineers to specify the SMT machine program to prepare for SMT placement.The p&p file will reflect the X, Y position of each component, followed by the position number and model number. In this way, the SMT machine program can be specified accurately.There are many formats of coordinate data. Sometimes it is a .mnt file, sometimes it is an excel file created by the designer. .pcb files can also be used as pick and place file.

Another important document. drawing. The drawing shows the front and back of the PCB board, so that the factory can understand whether it is a single-sided mounting project or a double-sided mounting project. In our JY factory, we will print out the drawings on both sides of the customer’s gerber. Used for IQC check pad. If there is a drawing in the gerber, then the final PCBA is also single-sided component placement. On the contrary, there are components on both sides. There must be a silk screen layer corresponding to the pad in the gerber. There is a silkscreen of the package beside each pad to frame the component, indicating the package of the component. There must be corresponding location numbers, C1, U1 and so on. . . IQC will compare the BOM and the actual components to confirm the corresponding positions on the PCB. When the component is placed in the corresponding position, it must be just right. If it is big or small, check out design errors and problems.

The purpose of the trial sample is to test its function. A test description said it was very useful. We often ask to make a test fixture, test the IC program, and then perform several operations to watch the light flicker or the voltage change. Since the customers are all foreign, the ability to test the functions in the factory before delivery and take videos to confirm to the customers will make the customers feel safe, so that there will not be too many unpredictable bad consequences after the goods are sent. It will not waste the cost and time of mailing. If a problem is discovered during the factory test, you can record a video to communicate with the customer in time. Find a way to solve the problem.

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