For small businesses and startups looking to invest in a small number of printed circuit boards without having to worry about carrying a large inventory, using a complete turnkey PCB assembly is ideal. Turnkey solutions provide an effective and cost-effective method for assembling and testing product circuit boards. It also provides a way for companies to receive printed circuit boards with the shortest lead times. Essentially, a full turnkey solution allows you to have greater freedom to focus on designing PCBs whilst the PCB supplier can handle the rest of the operations.

Before exploring some advantages, it is necessary to define what a complete turnkey PCB assembly actually means. In short, turnkey PCB assembly means that PCB vendors handle every aspect of a PCB project. This will mean components sourcing, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and house assembly, also include some electronic test and function test. Here are some important advantages that small businesses can benefit from.

Easy Management

When you cooperate with a turnkey PCB supplier, you only need to manage one vendor, which can save you the frustration of delays and miscommunications with separate vendors. You can also avoid the possibility of poor communication when dealing with multiple suppliers. The slightest lack of communication between suppliers can make the entire timeline worse.
This can be very beneficial if you need to produce prototype PCBs, as developing prototypes can often be a slow and expensive process.

Turnkey pcb assembly saving timeSaving Time

The main advantage of using a turnkey PCB assembly service is that it saves valuable startup time and can be dedicated to core business areas, which is where the expertise of turnkey assembly vendors lies. The team does not need to spend precious time sourcing quality components and then assembling them. This saved man-hours greatly improves work efficiency.

Fast turnaround times and the ability to track orders in real time also have huge advantages, especially for startups who cannot miss deadlines and affect their credibility.

High Quality

When it comes to turnkey PCB assembly services, the largest product offered is a high-quality product. With professional circuit board quality and professional surface mount component soldering, you can be sure of getting a first-class product. Today, miniaturization has become a top priority, and the use of professional machines can ensure perfect solder joints even on small parts.

high quality pcb assembly

Professional Proof Of Concept

In many cases, a professional proof of concept can greatly increase investor interest. Turnkey PCB assembly providers can ensure that you can get high-quality circuit boards without assembly. They can provide finished products with your company name and logo, professional appearance PCB boards, thereby increasing their look and feel.

If your design is primarily through-hole components, it may be more economical to assemble your own circuit board and buy a high-quality bare PCB. However, because modern circuit designs need to be compact, surface-mount components are often required. Professional assembly of SMT components uses precise automatic placement and reflow ovens to melt the solder. These specialized machines produce perfect solder joints even on very small components or microprocessors, with many pins at very small pitches. These assemblies are difficult when done manually and are more reliable when done through an automated process. The final high-quality product will surely impress your potential investors and show that your company is ready for production.

Find problems early

The main advantage of using a professional turnkey PCBA supplier for prototypes is that it can spot any design issues at an early stage. The turnkey provider will review your design, so at this stage you will find any manufacturing issues. If mistakes require design changes, changes can be made to bring the prototype very close to the final product. Needless to say, these errors can be costly if not discovered in time. Experienced PCB designers can not only correct the product, but also help you establish design practices for future products.

Multiple services

Most vendors that offer turnkey assembly services can also provide other services that customers may find convenient. Suppliers often provide not only manufacturing and assembly services, but also inventory and transportation services. This means you can ship materials, check inventory and create products.

For small businesses and start-ups, the importance of these services cannot be underestimated, as you don’t have to spend time, energy and manpower in these areas, and you can control costs to give you a competitive advantage.

Financial plan

financial plan advantages

Another advantage of using turnkey PCB services is that it is very convenient in financial planning. Suppliers can not only provide you with current costs, they can also indicate costs for higher volumes. This will help you effectively estimate the cost of the final product.

The turnkey assembly supplier also accepts orders for different quantities of units per month as you request, as you may not be able to place high-volume production orders. Similarly, by repeating order production, the establishment cost can be reduced. You also don’t have to pay for design changes in subsequent orders, which optimizes costs.

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