Last Friday Turkey visited our company for vacuum cleaner PCB boards test. We began this project since Feb 2019 and finished the sample delivery on July this year. After more than 2 moths continued test , client decide to come to test the machine at our company.

The function test include remote circuit board, slider circuit board and power board tests. These three boards firstly began from reverse engineer service by ours’. After clone, we help client get gerber file , bom list and software, then sample making by the files get from clone.

After PCBA sample production finish , client delivery a completed vacuum cleaner machine from Turkey directly and their General Manager came to visit us in May 2019 to teach us how to do the install and preliminary test.

2 months sample adjustment and 2nd time production after client first visit. During adjustment time we find power board software and remote Infrared receiving transmitter have some problems. So we do the chip-decoding again and find new infrared receiving transmitter supplier to customized them and match the transfer code. The second time samples delivery to client after client confirm our test video in July.

During this time we have been in close contact with our customers to understand the progress of the test. As the whole PCBA product need 500 hours no stop working test, so we wait almost one month for test finish, after that client do some other function test like remote control distance , 290v high voltage protection test, slider board touch sensitivity test, remote low voltage test and prepare test report to us. So it takes almost two months to finish the test and we could feel client hard working on the sample. We take the issues mentioned in the test report very seriously and start to debug them in a targeted manner.

In report client mentioned some problems: remote control distance, ion function no feedback after touch slider board, led color not right, remote low voltage no remind, slider board led flash quantity has problem and 290v high voltage no protection. Below are a screen-short for the report.

screen-short for the report

We begin the third time adjustment after get this report. But the responsible engineer goes to take part in HK Exhibition during this time and client visit time already be settle down that couldn’t change. Thanks to our engineer team still have many other experienced engineer, even a new engineer take over the adjustment jobs, everything still goes smoothly no big influenced.

resistors on PCB mount wrong direction

The engineer spent a full day comparing the lines of the remote control one by one. Starting with the replacement of the core components, the LED screen, the chip to replace the small parts, tantalum capacitors, resistors, capacitors. Finally, it was found that the low voltage reminder function of the remote controller could not be realized due to the problem of the resistance of the two resistors and the problem of the mounting direction. This finding seems to have found answers to all the questions, and the problems mentioned in other reports have been resolved one by one.

The customer arrived on schedule, this time with the deputy general manager and export manager. They tested and scored one by one according to the test report. It’s really fun to watch the customer write satisfaction behind each one. During this time, everyone’s efforts were not in vain.

When testing the over-current protection function, the customer found that the original sample provided us with the old version without this function. This has caused our samples to not have this feature. The solution to this problem is for the customer to mail a new power board sample to us for re-copying and making samples. Here, I remind you that in the copy board service, we are 100% cloned according to the buyer’s sample. Please be sure to provide us with a sample of the easy-to-use version.

Since 2002 Dalian JY Electronic began PCB reverse engineering service, many client find us to ask for help on clone some hot sale market and do little modification on board size or color. As we could also supply the coming prototype production and adjustment, sample production with future mass production together. So if buyer choose us from beginning, we could help client solve all the problems in future every step. Just like this Turkey vacuum cleaner project. As client ask us do clone, sample and future production, so any problems they meet only contact us is ok. We have a 7 group experienced engineer team to be your strong background. Even buyer want to update their product future, we could supply the hardware redesign for client to do the distinguish for the similar products in market now. Find us to solve all your board problems. We are not only clone, help clients develop themselves product with characteristics is our final target.

As a professional PCB and PCBA Manufacturer, not only we can provide one-stop service from PCB Design, Components Sourcing, PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly, but also we have ERP system to manage every project from production file, quotation, purchase, production, delivery until service after it. Every step ERP will show clear and accurate data . Date will be found quickly and precise no matter when client wants to begin project.