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How do you get the PCB assembly quote, what will affect PCB assembly cost? We will explain below.

How do you get the PCB assembly quote?

We need client provide us completed production files which is including the bare PCB board production files and components details. The best files is Gerber files and BOM list, then give us the quantity for your requirement. Please also let us know if there have any special requirement, we will send quotation sheet within 2-3 days based on your files and requirement.

Tips For PCBA Files :

1.Gerber files must be comprehensive. It should have GBL, GBO, GBP, GBS, GKO, GPT, GPB, GTL, GTO, GTP, GTS, GG1, GD1, GM1. If have inner, should be have G1, G2 also.

2.The BOM list must be the standard BOM list which have reference designator, part number, description, quality, SMT method, manufacturer name, footprints, package and BOM level. It is better if there also have Optional Information: Manufacturer, Vendor & Vendor Part Number, Alternate Manufacturer Part Numbers.

Download Our Standard BOM Template

standard bom type

3.Pick and Place files. It should be the excel format, xls format, csv format, txt format.

4.Stencil. Which is needed when assembly.

5. Must have sample and bulk quantity, like 10 pcs and 10,000 pcs.

6.Any special requirement. For example, Assembly Compliance Requirements, Test requirement, Shipping requirement and Delivery requirement. Make sure as detailed as possible.

What Files Are Needed for Custom PCB Assembly?

What affect The PCB assembly cost?

When we received the production files from the client, our engineers will evaluate those details and specification then send you quotation sheet. Nest we will explain for you what will affect PCB assembly cost.

* Different Ways Of Assembly

The main assembly methods are SMD and DIP. Because the printed circuit board has two sides, if both sides need components, the cost will be different. Below are several assemble ways:

  • Double side SMD
  • Double side DIP
  • One side SMD+DIP, another side SMD+DIP
  • One side SMD+DIP, another side SMD
  • One side SMD+DIP, another side DIP
  • One side SMD, another side DIP

* Components Quantity

The quotation of the PCB board with 10 types components and the 100 types components are different. The more components, the higher price for assembly.

components quantity

* Component Density

The density of components on the PCB board has a direct impact on the cost. The higher of the density, the more difficult for PCB assembling, the higher the cost is. Conversely, if there is only one component on the board, the PCB soldering cost is low.

components density

* Components Package Size

Some special components will increase the difficulty of assembly. Like 1206, 0804, 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005, these components have small size, difficult to grab and solder. That’s why they will directly affect the assembly cost, especially, the BGA and QFN.

* Components Package Methods

Different packaging methods for components can also affect the price of assembly. If the components are scattered in the bag, the worker needs to count, which will undoubtedly increase the cost. If components are in Reel, Tube, Tray, the cost must be differences.

paper taping

* Quantity and Batch Size

The unit cost of the sample and the Batch are completely different. It can be said that the quantity plays a decisive factor.

* Special Components

If the components are special one, like lead length, height min/max, spacing, the cost will be difference.

* Bare PCB Board

The 4 points about bare PCB below will effect the the assembly cost.

1.The layers of the bare PCB. If the PCB has more than 2 layers, our engineers will evaluate how difficult of assembly, the cost will be difference too.

2.If the bare PCB board has Blind Buried hole.

3.Whether the bare PCB board has special material.

4.The thickness of the PCB board. The thickness of the board below 1.00 mm will increase the difficulty and the cost will be difference.

pcb structure

* Coating Requirement

If have spray or brush, number of coats, coverage tolerances, specified keep out areas, the cost will be difference.

* Assembly Compliance Requirements

RoHS, IPC-A-610D Class I, II or III, ITAR can affect the cost . If you need professional certification such as CE, the price will have a bigger difference.

* Lead free or lead Treatment

The surface with lead solder looks bright white and the lead-free solder looks pale yellow. Leaded solder is a major metal element containing tin and lead (eg, Sn63Pb37, Sn50Pb50, etc.).

Lead-free solder is basically lead-free (EU ROHS standard is less than 500PPM, Japan standard is less than 100PPM), and lead-free solder generally contains tin, silver or copper. Therefore, lead-free soldering is more environmentally friendly, and the cost is higher than that of lead.

* Test requirement

Normally we will provide testing like Power up, Functional, In Circuit Test (ICT), Thermal cycling, No test (visual inspection only), but if special testing is required like Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray, additional costs will apply.

* Packaging Requirement

It will have difference cost between Standard ESD (electrostatic discharge) bag and Non-standard/special containers. If need a special custom packaging, the price will be different, such as cardboard box or plastic box with logo.

* Delivery Time

Normal PCBA production cycle and Quick turn PCBA production will have different cost.

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