What is difference between prototype and standard order? Why we suggest to choose the PCB prototype before the standard order? Under what circumstances is PCB prototype recommended? What are the advantages of in PCB board prototype? This article will show you the answer.

What is the differences between prototype and standard PCB?

PCB prototype and standard production have many differences and can distinguish very easily. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects.


The quantity of PCB prototype is much smaller than standard production. Basically below 100pcs, or between 100pcs and 500pcs. The quantity of PCB standard production will definitely be greater than 500pcs, generally there are thousands of quantities, and continue to grow.

2.Production Cycle

PCB prototype production cycle will not exceed 10 days, unless there are long lead times for individual components. Standard PCB order is generally need 20-25 days.

3.Unit Cost and Total cost

The unit price of PCB prototype is higher than the unit price of standard production. But the total value is much lower.

Why choose the prototype order before the standard order?

PCB prototype has a lots of advantages than the standard production. PCB prototype production before standard production to ensure the standard production can proceed smoothly. Therefore, we usually advise customers to produce PCB prototypes first. The main reasons are as follows.

1. Fast Production Cycle

The standard production cycle is generally 20-25 days, and the prototype production cycle is 10 days. That means you can test quickly and have plenty of time to modify and update, whis will advance the whole project.

2. Quick Test

Each product undergoes multiple modifications and updates before launch. The design of PCB board is the same, it need many times test. To be able to meet production cycles in a timely manner, new designs need to be tested quickly.

Prototype production can speed up inspection, shorten project inspection time, and achieve rapid testing. If there is no prototype, it will take more time to find the cause of defects and insufficient performance, and it will increase production time, resulting in increased costs and even customer complaints.

3. Easy to update

Prototype production can discover problems in the design in time and make quick adjustments to problem areas. Because the number is small, whether it is changing the PCB board or components, it will be timely and rapid. This is also a guarantee for the smooth progress of mass production.PCB inspection

4. Individual Inspect and Change Components At Any Time

The small quantity of PCB prototypes allows for individual testing of each components and quick problem detection. Once a problem is detected, it can be quickly replaced and detected. And can achieve multiple replacement of components of different brands and models. This reduces the probability of problems during standard production.

5. Reduce total costs

Although the unit price of PCB prototype is much higher than that of the standard production, the existence of the prototype can greatly reduce the total cost. Prototypes can fix problems before start standard production, some problems can be found through the prototype, and it can be verified multiple times. Those problems will be solved before the standard production, and it can be modified in time. To ensure the smooth progress of standard production. In other words, it can save the cost of the whole project.

6. Inspect the factory

Customers can judge the capabilities of suppliers through the production of prototypes. If the supplier completes a high-quality prototype in a short period of time and gives some professional suggestion to ensure the smooth production of standard production. This supplier is fully capable of serving you. f the supplier does not reach the desired quality for prototype production, then standard production can be completely disregarded.

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What circumstances is PCB prototype recommended?

Since prototype production has so many benefits, when is it recommended to use PCB prototypes? We will explain to you.

1. New product

A new product must be prototyped before standard production. Without prototype validation, it may cause problems during standard production, resulting in economic losses. Even if the prototype detects only a few problems, we still recommend that the prototype be produced again to ensure foolproofness. Reduce the probability of problems during standard production.

2. Quality and design testing

How to check product quality and design feasibility? Prototyping can solve such problems. When the design is complete, it is no persuasive without prototype to prove it. Prototyping can turn a designer’s ideas into reality at a fraction of the cost.

3. Complex Components

If it is a complex project and contains many components, you need to produce a prototype first. Too many components mean more features and more potential problems. For these complex projects, prototype production is particularly necessary. Through prototypes, problems can be quickly discovered and modified in a timely manner. This saves money and time.

4. Need model

If only a model is needed for display, prototype production is necessary. If you need some exhibits when attending the exhibition, these products have not yet been produced in large quantities, so PCB prototype first.

What are the advantages of 86PCB in PCB board prototype production?

We has more than 14-years’ experience in PCB & PCBA industry. There are also have many advantages in dealing with PCB prototype.

1. Professional Engineer Team

engineersAfter receiving the production documents, the engineer will inform the production quantity according to the content of the document without the customer’s request. At the same time, the engineer will check the feasibility of the design. Engineers will also make professional suggestions on bare board parameters and component selection. Customers can not only save production time, but also greatly reduce production costs.

2. Fast production cycle

Generally, the production cycle of prototypes is about 15 days. 86PCB can provide prototypes within 10 days. Our own factory gives us the greatest support, guaranteed the rapid delivery of prototypes.

3. Fast update and change

We not only has professional engineers, but also a strong supporting service system. We have sufficient inventory to ensure that customers do not have to wait for component delivery when upgrading or modifying components. Greatly shortened the upgrade and modification time.

4. Multi-channel vendorcomponents stock

The quantity of prototypes is basically below 10pcs. This makes it difficult to purchase components. The average component supplier is unwilling to provide a small number of components. 86PCB not only has sufficient component reserves, but also component suppliers with years of cooperation and guaranteed quality. When encountering complex components, we can find the price and delivery time as soon as possible. This can speed up the production process.

We has more than 14-years’ experience in PCB & PCBA industry, provide printed circuit board prototype production and standard production. More than 130 small batch orders per year, customers from more than 80 different countries and regions. Whether it is PCB prototype order or large production order, we have rich experience. If you need related service, we are your best choice.

We have been in this industry for 14 years. Committed to becoming a respectable and new technology service provider that provides one-stop service for PCB small-scale electronics companies from PCB production design, component placement and assembly. We use our expertise to solve problems for customers, meet customer requirements, and enable customers to obtain the highest quality products.

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